Habitat is a habit building and productivity program.

Consider your current tasks, aspirations, and struggles.

From work, health, chores, school, personal goals, to virtually any task that needs to get done, procrastination always seems to get the best of us.

Habitat is there to get you back on track.

In Habitat, your real life actions directly affect the life of your own virtual pet.

Your pet is not an ordinary house pet; their emotions are closely synchronized with your own.

Think of it as your to-do list meets Tamagotchi.

With hundreds of variations, your pet is unique with its own multi-faceted personality and interests.

They’re capable of desires, fears, physical and mental needs, and have their own temperaments, aspirations, and traits in response to how you take care of them.

When you reinforce a positive habit or complete a productive task in Habitat, you are rewarded.

When you’re staying on task, your pet stays happy and productive which means more experience, in-game currency, and items.

Likewise, if you don’t keep up with your real life responsibilities, it can negatively affect your pet.

It can put them in a bad mood and you will lose experience you earned together. And they won’t forget it, but you’ll find out they’re willing to give second chances.

By providing rewards and consequences to your tasks, Habitat reinforces personal growth and helps break poor habits and procrastination cycles before they cause real-life problems.